HHM 500mm Safety Guard for Drilling Machine C/W Limit Switch DRILLGUARD-500

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This safety device is suitable for small, medium and large shaking arm Drilling Machine and other Shaking Arm Drilling Machine and also suitable for safety protection of rotating equipment

  • Using 6061 aluminum alloy, Q235 bracket surface rust treatment, explosion – proof PC transparent board
  • Semi-circular shields is molded and processed, more reasonable with machine tools
  • The transparency of technical grade explosion PC transparent diaphragm is 93% with thickness from 4mm, which is practical and solid. Adjustable up and down, 180 degree switch type of rotating shaft level, easy to clamping workplace, convenient and simple operation.
Switch Can be equipped with a safety interlock switch
Dimensions (L x W x H x W1 x H1 ) mm 300 x 150 x 220 x 210 x 600 500 x 250 x 240 x 210 x 800

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