HHM 570mm Slide Across Type Safety Guard for Lathe Machine C/W Limit Switch -LATHEGUARD-570

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This device can be used for small, medium and large horizontal lathes, and is also suitable also suitable for horizontal turntable equipment safety protection

  • Using 6061 aluminum alloy, Q235 steel plate welding, explosion PC transparent diaphragm , technical grade linear guided rail
  • Industrial heavy duty linear guide rails are more stable and durable
  • The transparency of technical grade explosion PC transparent diaphragm is 93% with thickness form 4mm to 5mm, which is practical and solid
  • The horizontally movement¬† method is convenient for clamping workpieces and various operations, which is convenient and simple
  • Using PLD/safety type 3/4,1NC+1NC / 1NO+1NC safety switch or adding a locking force safety switch (the guard can only be opened after
    the equipment has stopped).
Switch Can be equipped with safety interlock switch
Dimensions (L x W x H ) mm 570 x 750x 780 570 x 395 x 1130

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