Manufacturer: CACTUS

  • These hose makes it easy to punch holes at any position
  • A wide variety usage of punching for switchboards, control panels and engineering work of electric installation, plumbing, and other installation work for steel hole-punching
  • Being set with the light and compact hand-operated by Hydraulic Pump(CP-3) works even more efficiently
Pump CP-3 (with hose)1
Ram SCR-2251
Bolt3/8, 3/4 one each
Sleevelarge, middle, small one each
Punch / Cutter19, 25, 31, 39, 51 (5 sets)
Hand-operated hydraulic pump (CP-3)
Max pressure map49 (500) kfg/cm2
Oiltank capacity250nl
Hose length0.8m
Weight4kg (including hose)
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