TLP Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool HHYD-400E

SGD 2,040.00(excl. GST)


  • C-head with large 42 mm opening width
  • Balanced centre of gravity for easy handing
  • Very large crimping range up to 400 mm²
  • Wide crimping
  • Open C-crimping head with 42 mm width, rotating 330°.
  • Two-stage hydraulic system features fast feed and power stroke upon reaching counter pressure, saving time.
  • 10000+ cycle service life.
  • Ram retracts to original position automatically when operation is complete.
  • Manual retraction in case of need.
  • Audible buzzer and red LED light in case of error.
  • Quick motor stop for higher user safety.
  • Powerful 18V Li-ion battery with low battery warning.
  • Ergonomic 2-component grip area and balanced center of gravity.
  • Sturdy plastic storage box.
Model HHYD-400E
Hydraulic Ram output 11 ton
Ram stroke 42 mm
Battery capacity 150 crimping cycles
Crimping range 16 – 400 mm²
Crimping times 6s – 18s(Depend  on the size of cable)
Battery 18 V /4.0 Ah Li-ion
Charging time 2 hours

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