HC-3500 Cable Puller


Manufacturer: KIO

Standard accessories:
  • Rope arm
  • Base plate
  • Wire rope 8mm x 50m
  • Detachable rope storage roller
  • Foor control with 2mm2 × 3C × 3m lead
  • Power lead coming with 2mm2 × 3C × 3m
Pulling capacity2500kg3500kg
Rope speed9m/min (50Hz) 9m/min (60Hz)5m/min (50Hz) 4m/min (60Hz)
Motor rating IP441500W
Gear trainhypoid gear plus spur gear
Gear ratio154:1
Drum width124mm104mm
Drum dia110mm74mm
Drum flange dia166mm94mm
Cable puller weight60kg
Gross weight83kg
Box dimension (L × D × H)610 × 720 × 500mm