Manufacturer: COME UP

  • Permanent magnetic motor features constant output and low noise level.
  • Lightweight and compact designs are ideal for easy installation.
  • Dual brakes for double mechanical ratchet pawls and a motor dynamic brake provide slip free operation.
  • Safety slipping clutch prevents hook becoming trapped into the hoist in the “up” direction
  • Power cutoff switch prevent the overloading of the hoist
  • Tough aluminum die cast housing provides massive structural durability.
  • Can operate on standard domestic power supply and equip with industrial plug
  • A switch w/emergency stop comes as standard
  • A 360° bottom hook fitted with a self-locking latch has a bearing is capable of swiveling with the safe working load applied
Duty cycle25% ED at 63% of rated load
Drive groupFEM: 9,511 1Bm, ISO: 4301-1 M3
Voltage100 ‒ 120V, 200 ‒ 240V AC, single phase
Lift load500kg
Lifting height3m6m
Type of fallSingle
Motor output100 ‒ 120V / 750W, 9.5A permanent magnetic 200 ‒ 240V / 750W, 4.5A permanent magnetic
Line speed6.5m/min
Brakedual brakes of double mechanical ratchet pawls and motor dynamic brake
Gear ratio70.2:1
Load chainGrade 80– Links 6.3 mm dia. x 19 mm long
Hoist weight19.3kg
Gross weight27kg
Box dimension380 × 410 × 345mm
The hoist is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel. The fixing point for baby hoist shall be capable of supporting the load required.