BT-CH 1000

Manufacturer: EINHELL

The BT-CH 1000 chain hoist is a simple, useful helper for lifting loads easily and without physical strain everywhere in the home, garden and workshop. Loads of up to one ton can be lifted to a height of approx. 2.5 m with little muscle power. Thanks to its long operator chain and slim design, the BT-CH 1000 makes optimum use of the ceiling height in enclosed spaces. A closed metal housing protects the pulley from dirt and ensures low-resistance operation. A safety catch on the load hook prevents the load from dropping unintentionally. A safety catch is also provided for securing the chain hoist.

  • Long operator chain
  • Load hook with safety catch
  • Closed metal housing
  • Low design
  • Fastening with safety hook
ModelBT-CH 1000 (Art. 2250102)
Payload1000 kg
Lifting height250 cm
Weight8.5 kg
Packing Dimension25 × 18 × 16 cm
Packing weight9.4 kg