GT5 Geared Trolley for Chain Hoist

Manufacturer: NITCHI

  • Besides its use for lowering the chain hoist, the GT-5 can be used as a stand-alone trolley. The trolley can be easily pulled along the rails by hand thanks to the gear-speed reducer.
  • Smooth running: The wheel for each load uses ball bearings that reduce running resistance and ensure freedom from maintenance. For large loads of 10 t, two ball bearings are used for each wheel to achieve a combination of sufficient strength and smooth running of wheels.
  • Trolley width can be adjusted to one of three different sizes by changing the collar. (Two sizes for the 10 t model.)
  • The wheels on models up to 5 t are made so that they can run along either I-beams or H-beams.
GT5 Geared Trolley for Chain Hoist 1 GT5 Geared Trolley for Chain Hoist 3
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