Manufacturer: ARMANNI

Clearance: $1,200 (ALFA SL M 25/16)

Adaptability to The Load:
Manually adjustable forks on fork holder plate; by means of a simple operation, it is possible to work with the stacker moving loads of different dimensions, and to adapt the machine to the operator’s requirements.
Simplicity of Use:
Activation of the fork lifting system through a fast hand pump (without load) with handle and descent control located on the handle for a quick execution of the operation; it is easy to control and position the stacker thanks to the system of lateral shackles.
Movement of Loads In Compliance with Current Regulations:
The current regulations in terms of safety at the workplace impose very strict limits on the manual movement of loads by the operator; therefore, the ALFA M series represents the simplest and most economical solution in order to move medium-light loads in compliance with the current regulations.
ModelAlfa sl M 25/16Alfa sl M 55/16
Lifting height1.6m1.6m
Fork thickness42mm42mm
Length with forks carrier405580
Max truck height1990mm2000mm
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