METABO 6.2 bar Air Chipping Hammer DMH 30 SET

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  • Light, handy chipping hammer
  • Suitable for construction work on masonry, bricks, aerated concrete
  • Ideal for removing plaster and tiles and light mortising work
  • User-friendly exhaust guide through the handle avoids dust turbulence in the working area
  • Rubberised handle for ergonomic and fatigue-free operation
Model DMH30 SET
Operating pressure 6.2 bar | 90 psi
Air requirement 280 l/min | 10 cfm
Bit retainer Hexagon shaft 10 mm
Impact rate 3000 bpm
Weight 2 kg | 4.4 lbs
Chising 8.48 m/s²
Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m/s²
Noise emission
Sound pressure level 103 dB(A)
Sound power level (LwA) 114 dB(A)
Uncertainty of measurement K 3 dB(A)

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