METABO Battery Power Adaptor LED-USB PA 14.4-18

SGD 68.00(excl. GST)



2 × USB connections with max charging current 2A

PA 14.4-18 LED-USB comes with max 2A output, can be use for charging mobile phone
  • Compact, multi-function adapter, can be used as desktop charger, energy source and lamp
  • Two fast USB connections for charging and operating of USB devices (max. charging current 2 A)
  • 12 Volt connection for the Metabo heated jacket
  • Bright LED light for close range
  • LED power light indicates operation; automatic shutdown after seven hours
  • Safe application thanks to automatic shutdown in case of overheating or short-circuit
  • Operation with all Li-Power and LiHD slide-on 14.4 and 18 Volt battery packs
  • without battery pack, without charger

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