METABO Beveling Tools KFM 16-15 F

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  • Metal bevelling tool for chamfer heights up to 15 mm for weld seam preparation
  • One-touch controller: Patented, tool-free setting of the cutting depth in 0.1 steps; stop points for short setting times, and protection against unintentional adjustment of the cutting depth when working
  • Precise setting of the chamfer angle directly via the guide plates
  • Universal milling head with three carbide indexable inserts for all chamfer angles from 0-90°
  • Controlled working by virtue of large-scale guide plates
  • Stop roller to guide along pipes for easy preparation of weld seams
  • Front handle for safe and uniform guidance, adjustable without the need for tools
  • Metabo Marathon-motor with patented dust protection for long service life
  • Electronic overload protection, soft start and restart protection
  • Protection of the user by virtue of lateral plates for conveying the chips
Model KFM 16 – 15 F(601753500)
No-load speed 12000 rpm
Rated input power 1600 W
Output power 900 W
Type of edges Chamfer
Max. chamfer width 45 21 mm | 13/ 16 “
Max. chamfer height at 45 15 mm | 19/32″
Grading of cutting depth setting 0.1 mm
Curves smallest outer 100 mm | 3 15/16″
Weight (without power cable) 6.9 kg | 15.2 lbs
Cable length 4 m | 157 1/2″
Noise emission
Sound pressure level 93 dB(A)
Sound power level(LwA) 104 dB(A)
Uncertainty of measurement K 3 dB(A)

  • 3 Carbide indexable inserts Universal
  • Screwdriver SW 4 with T-handle
  • Open-jawed spanner SW 10
  • Open-jawed spanner SW 10
  • Metal carry case
  • Metal carry case
  • Stop roller
  • Stop roller
  • Screwdriver Torx 15
  • Screwdriver Torx 15
  • Screwdriver SW 4 with T-handle

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