METABO Cordless Hot Air Gun HG 18 LTX 500

SGD 242.00(excl. GST)



  • Lightweight cordless hot air gun for powerful head – fast and everywhere
  • Heats up in a matter of seconds, ready to use in only 5 seconds (300°C)
  • Maximum performance thanks to larger air volume and higher temperatures
  • Two temperature levels, easy switchover while working
  • WIth bright LED light for working in darker areas
  • High occupational safety thanks to slim, rubberised handle area and safe storage option
  • Matching nozzles for removal of varnish, shaping, crimping, welding and much more (accessories)
  • Long runtime of over 20 minutes with LiHD battery pack (8.0 Ah)
  • Battery packs with capacity display for checking the charge status
Model HG 18 LTX 500
Battery Voltage 18 V
Air volume 200/ 160 l/min | 7/6 cfm
Air temperature 300/ 500 C| 570/ 930f
Number of air temperature levels 2
Weight(including battery pack) 1.28kg / 2.8 lbs
Noise emission
Sound pressure level 70 dB(A)

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