[Pre-order] CLARKE 145 Vacuum Form Cutter/ Profile Router MM-VACTRIM3

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Trimming vacuum-formed shells is a key process which can be difficult to do accurately using conventional saws or snips. This Profile Router makes the job safe, and virtually fool-proof, by using a small carbide router cutter to cut excess material at a precise and consistent distance from the raised moulding. The distance can be adjusted to trim flush, or to leave a flange up to 6mm wide. This is achieved by using an ingenious guard that completely covers the rotating cutter but acts also as a guide to off-set the cut, and as a clamp to hold down the moulding. Spindle control is by footswitch thus leaving both hands free to control the work piece. The main cabinet has a port for connecting to LEV. LEV is not essential since the plastic waste will not become airborne, but is useful to maintain a tidy workspace.

This quiet, low maintenance machine will transform the ability to produce cleanly-trimmed vacuum formed shells in a busy classroom.

Maximum thickness capacity 3 mm
Trimming Distance Flush to 6mm Flange
Cutter speed 2850 rpm
Cutter 3.18 mm Carbide slot drill
Motor 180 W (industrial quality, balanced, fan cooled)
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 305 (W) x 400 (D) x 330 (H) mm
Power requirements 240 V 2A, 13A socket

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