NITCHI Heavy-Duty Electric Hoist MH-5 Series

SGD 250.00SGD 5,500.00(excl. GST)


  • Hazardous work environments
  • Outdoor work (Rainproof model is optional.)
  • Work over extended periods
  • Jobs requiring long lifting distances (Please contact us for details.)


The NITCHI-MATIC Model MH-5 Series is a line of premium quality electric chain hoists that are designed especially to fulfill the severe requirements of industrial. A multitude of special heavy-duty features are employed  into the NITCHI-MAIC  MH-5Series for extra efficiency, dependability, durability and safety

Model MH5010 MH5020 MH5030 MH5050
Rated load(ton) 1 2 3 5
Lift (m) 6.0 m
Lifting speed 50 Hz(m/min) 6.2 6.7 4.4 2.6
Lifting speed 60 Hz(m/min) 7.3 7.9 5.2 3.1
Rating (min) 30
Load chain dia.(mm) 7.1 11.2
Load chain Nos. of falls 1 2
Head room (mm) 560 725 765 925
Net weight (kg) 55 100 102 130

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