NIULI Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck CBY-AC3.0 Series

SGD 450.00(excl. GST)

The Hand Pallet Truck is the ideal ” storage aid” and ” handling partner ” for all manual transport tasks over short distances, excellently suitable for use on lorries,in small warehouses and markets etc.

Color: Orange

Model CBY-AC3.0-N CBY-AC3.0-W
Capacity 3000 kg
Min fork height(mm) 85 75
Max. fork height(mm) 195 185
Lifting height(mm) 110
Fork length (mm) 1150/1220
Single fork width(mm) 160
Fork overall width(mm) 550/685
Fork wheel-single(mm) Φ80 x 93 Φ74 x 93
Steering wheel(mm) Φ180 x 50
Self Weight 73 92


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