LD 60

Manufacturer: METABO

Take measurements accurate to the millimetre at the touch of a button: With the handy laser distance meters from Metabo you can take quick, precise measurements on your construction site and thus save time and money. There are different functions available for different applications. Apart from length, width and height of rooms you can also calculate sections, volumes or areas by combining the measurement data. In no time at all you will be able to determine your material requirements and create customised offers in a fast and simple manner

  • Quick measurements and simple operation
  • Certified according to ISO 16331-1: guaranteed measurement quality for accuracy and range
  • Handy, robust device with impact-proof housing and soft grip material
  • Energy-saving thanks to automatic shutdown
  • Illuminated LC display for good readability, even in poor light conditions
  • Signal tone after measurement to avoid errors
  • Flexible application range by switching the measurement reference (front / rear)
ModelLD 60 (606163000)
Laser class2
Light output< 1mW
Measurement range0.05 – 60m
Measuring accuracy± 1.5 mm
Number of measurement per battery charge5000
Protection typeIP40
Weight0.11kg (with batteries)
Laser functionLength / Area / Volume / Continuous measurement (tracking) / Pythagoras 1 / Pythagoras 2 / Minimum tracking / Maximum tracking
LD 60 1

Length: Determine the distance with one measurement

LD 60 2

Area: Determine the area with two measurement

LD 60 3

Volume: Determine the volume with three measurement

LD 60 4

Continuous measurement (tracking): Continuous measurements (e.g. to monitor positions)

LD 60 5

Minimum tracking: Continuous measurement to determine the shortest distance between 2 points

LD 60 6

Maximum tracking: Continuous measurement to determine the longest distance between 2 points (e.g. maximum diagonal measurement)

LD 60 7

Pythagoras 1: Determination of a distance (height) with 2 auxiliary measurements

LD 60 6

Pythagoras 2: Determination of a distance (width/height) with 3 auxiliary measurements