BHE 22


Manufacturer: METABO

Specially designed for the multiple installation and construction tasks, the Metabo BHE 22 drill provides great power and performance. Equipped with the S-automatic torque limiting clutch, this Metabo rotary hammer detects and stops sudden reverse torque when the tool is jam. Powered by the 4.7 amp motor, this Metabo cordless drill delivers up to 97 inch-lbs. of torque. The Metabo BHE 22 drill is capable of drilling holes up to 7/8-inch in concrete, ½-inch in mild steel, and 1 3/16-inch in softwood. The Metabo winding protection grid and auto-stop carbon brushes of this Metabo rotary hammer provide protection to motor against scratchy effects. The rubber coated handles and ergonomic design of this Metabo cordless drill ensures vibration-free operating with comfort and less fatigue.