Art.164/R Hydraulic Press


Manufacturer: OMCN

  • Shaft of the cylinder made of treated and chromium-plated special steel.
  • Motorized 2-speeds control unit with automatic insertion.
  • Operated by lever distributor and button on the control box to be activated simultaneously.
  • Protection rear and side panels made of zinc-plated steel.
  • Calibrating valve to control the power according to the work you have to do.
  • Maximum versatility thanks to the height-adjustable table.
  • Winch to raise workbench (P30/MR – 161/R – 162/R – 163/R – 164/R).
  • Supplied with standard manometer
Model Art.164/R
Capacity 100ton
Motor power 3kW
Working speed 180mm/min
Approaching speed 2360 mm/min | 1600mm/min
Weight 1100kg
OMCN Hydraulic Press Dimension
Dimension for Hydraulic Press (mm)