Manufacturer: OMCN

Electric hydraulic automatic double speed presses with mobile ram
Rapid motor-driven hydraulic presses with manometer and double speed hydraulic gearbox, attained by means of vane pump for rapid approach and return and of pump with axial pistons for the working-phase. They all are fitted with a calibration valve and a three-position drive-distributor (feed neutral return). Thanks to the ram adjustable by a transversal device, they represent the ideal solution, when one needs different operations in one only piece and the remotion of the same would be too dificult and expensiveComplete with oil, all the models are equipped with a working-table lifting shaft.Shafts are in treated and chromiun-plateed special steel. The machines are equipped with two hands control and simultaneity control as per current rules. Complete with rear and side protective panels CE approved with electromagnetic compatibility.
Model Art.164/RM
Capacity 100ton
Piston stroke 310mm
Motor power 3kW
Approach gearbox capacity 60lt/min35lt/min (CE)
Working gearbox capacity 4.5lt/min
Approach speed 2360mm/min1600mm/min (CE)
Working speed 180mm/min
Weight 1230kg