EINHELL PRESSITO Multifunctional Compressor PRESSITO (4020460)

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The Einhell hybrid compressor Pressito can be operated using either a power cable or an 18 Volt system battery from the Power X-Change series.

The compressor has a high-pressure pump for car/cycle tires and balls and a low-pressure pump / low-pressure suction function for air mattresses and rubber dinghies (6in1-function). A 3-piece inflation adapter set is included. The compact and light compressor can be stowed away easily and, thanks to the rechargeable battery, can also be taken along.

  • Power X-Change technology
  • Hybrid function: can be used with a power cable or rechargeable battery
  • High-pressure pump for inflating car tires, cycle tires, balls
  • Low-pressure pump for inflating air mattresses
  • Low-pressure suction facility for deflating air mattresses
  • Easy to operate manual digital pressure indicator
  • High-pressure pump with adjustable pressure setting up to 11 bar
  • Auto shut-off function when adjusted pressure is reached
  • Integrated storage holder for the 3-piece inflation adapter set
  • A supplier without battery and charger
Model PRESSITO (4020460)
Main voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Suction capacity high pressure pump 21 L/min
Output power at 0 bar 16 L/min
Output power at 4 bar 10 L/min
Output power at 7 bar 8 L/min
Max operating pressure 11 bar
Hose length 710 mm
Net weight / Gross weight 2.1 kg / 2.6 kg
Package dimension 300 × 190 × 222 mm

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