TELWIN LCD Pedal Spot Welder With Timer PTE 28 LCD(824051)

SGD 7,800.00(excl. GST)


Column spot welding machine with movable arms, microprocessor digitally controlled.

The digital, multifunction LCD control panel allows to operate: in EASY mode (setting of spot welding current and time); in EXPERT mode (setting of different spot welding parameters) storing up to 20 customized programs.

It operates both in continuous and pulses mode and grants optimum results on different types of steel.


  • Adjustment of spot welding current (%), time (cycles), the force of electrodes compression
  • Choice of various parameters of the spot welding cycle (approach, slope, welding and pause time, and pulse number)
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Mechanical pedal control
  • Gap setting of the arms
  • Thermal protection with indicator.

The model requires water cooling for electrodes and arms.

Model PTE 18 LCD (824051)
Main Voltage 400 V, 50/60Hz, 2 phase
Max spot welding current 16400 A
Max no load voltage 4.2V
Rated power x = 50% 60k VA
Rated power x = 50% 25k VA
Power factor 0.7 cosphi
Max Welding thickness 5 + 5 mm
Max electrodes power 220 daN
Arms projection 330 mm
Duty cycle 5.5%
Protection degree IP20
Dimension 79 x 32 x 128 cm
Weight 147kg


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