RG-SP 300 Submersible Pump

Electrodes: Ø 1.6 – 2.5 mm


Manufacturer: EINHELL

Ideal submersible pump for clearing tanks and containers, etc. Universally controlled ON/OFF switching height and operation differential via continuously
adjustable float switch. The float switch can also be fixed during continuous operation.

  • Carrying handle with integrated cable reel
  • Continuously adjustable float switch
  • Housing made of impact resistant, high quality plastics
  • Removal of impurities up to 5 mm in size
  • Universal connection G1 ½ (ca. 47.8 mm) male thread
ModelRG-SP 300 (41.702.98)
Voltage230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power300 W
Max delivery capacity7000 l/h
Max delivery height6 m
Max immersion depth5 m
Hose connectionG 1½ (ca. 47.8 mm) female thread
Max water temperature35 °C
Main cable length10 m
Foreigh particles sizeΦ 5 mm
Net weight4.7 kg
Gross weight5.15 kg
Packing dimension240 × 190 × 345 mm
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