Manufacturer: EINHELL

The garden pump in combination with the electronic flow indicator switch allows using external water supplies i. e. for  storing in rain-water tanks, for lawn watering or the use of grey water in the house. The smartly designed, powerful  automatic water works is extremely silent and therefore suitable for use in living quartes. The pump housing is made of  corrosion resisting stainless steel, therefore no rusty water.

The inserted thermal-cut-out protect the pump of overheating.  The electronic flow indicator switch turn on automatically, when water is needed and shuts itself off, when the water  supply is stopped, i. e. by closing of the water tap. The pump is protected by the unlubricated operation protection (protection  against dry running) against damages.

  • Electric flow indicator
  • Handle
  • On/off switch
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Manometer
  • Water filler screw
  • Water drain switch
ModelHWA 1300 NIRO
Main230V ~ 50Hz
Delivery capacity4600 l/h
Delivery height48m
Max pressure4.8bar
Max suction height6m
In / output adaptor size1"
Starting pressureapprox 1.5bar
Water temperature35°C
Packing dimension55×21×26cm
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