RG-AW 1139


Manufacturer: EINHELL

The automatic water works consists of a garden pump in connection with an electronic flow switch. External water resources, e. g. rain water reservoirs can be used for irrigation or industrial water supply. The electronic flow switch automatically turns on the water works, when water is required and shuts it off, when no more water is needed, i. e. when the water tap closed. The thermal-cut-off protector switch saves the pump from overheating. In case of the water supply runs dry, the pump is protected by the dry run protection.

Furthermore the garden pump is equipped with a pre-filter, which prevents that dirt arrives into the pump inside

  • Electric flow indicator
  • Carrying handle
  • On/off switch
  • Plastic pump housing
  • Water drain plug
  • Large water filler opening
  • Pre-filter
  • Return valve
  • Female thread for hose connection made of stainless steel
  • Vent screw
ModelRG-AW 1139
Main230V ~ 50Hz
Delivery capacity4100 l/h
Delivery height48m
Max pressure4.8bar
Max suction height8m
Starting pressureapprox 1.5bar
Water temperature35°C
Packing weight14kg
Packing dimension635 x 260 x 315mm
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