[Pre-order] RJH Chamois Polisher-Extraction Mounted Braked Machine CH2001SE-02,1.1KW 1500RPM 220V 1 PHASE 50HZ

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C/W MOP20025 MOP (4PCS)

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The Chamois double-ended polisher is a quiet, smooth running machine with a long-standing reputation for reliability and longevity in educational establishments. The spindle is guarded by adjustable steel sleeves and safety is further ensured by steel guards and robust adjustable eye shields. These guards double as dust-capture hoods and have provision for duct connection.

This fully-integrated solution provides the high-quality Chamois polisher on a robust steel base unit. The machine is assembled and wired to make siting and connection as easy as possible. The LEV system auto-runs with the polisher and waste is collected in a pull out tray. The steel cabinet includes a positive knee-stop and a shaker handle which is used to shake excess dust off the filter.

Model RJH-CH2001SE-02
Spindle Speed 1 phase: 1415 rpm

3 phase : 1440 rpm

Max mop size 200 x 25 mm
Mop drive motor 1 phase: 0.70 kw (0.94 hp)

3 phase; 1.25 kW (1.7 hp)

Extraction Motor cutting height 0.55 kW(0.74 hp)
Extraction drawer capacity 8 liters
Centre of mop 925 mm (H)
Dimensions 1035 x 650 x 1180 mm
Power requirements 415 V 41.8 kW or 240 V 1.3 kw

Lockable rotary isolator

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