EINHELL 2000W 230V 1 Phase Table Saw RT-TS 2031 U, Cutting 83mm, Blade: 315mm x ID 30mm (TABLE SIZE:800 X 550MM)

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The RT-TS 2231 UD circular bench saw is powered by a strong 2.2 kW induction motor with a mechanical brake. The saw is powder-coated and therefore permanently protected against corrosion.The ball-raced height adjustment permits the easy and precise setting of the saw blade.The integrated magnifying glass at the length cut scaling makes reading the scale more comfortable. The aluminum slide is equipped with a profile and can be positioned at an angle ranging from 0 – 45°. This ball-raced slide is guided along the saw bench by a galvanized guide rail. Thanks to the undercarriage and handles, the saw can be transported by a single person.
  • Powerful induction motor
  • Powder-coated saw table
  • Aluminum stop rails for exact cuts
  • Magnifying glass for numerical scale
  • Cross stop with the angle scale
  • Blade swivel device with the angle scale
  • Blade ball-bearing height adjustment (infinitely variable)
  • Including dust extraction adapter Φ 00 mm
Model RT-TS 2031 U
Motor type Induction motor
Main voltage 400 V 3 Phase 50Hz
Power 2200 W (S6 40%)
Cutting height 83 mm (90 °)
60 mm (45°)
Table size 790 × 580 mm
Additional table size 790 × 400 mm
Working height approx 840 mm
Carbide-tipped saw blade Ø 315 × Ø30 × 3.6mm 24T
Range of saw blade tilting 0 – 45 °
Range of sliding carriage 0 – 45 °
Machine size w/o additional table 1,100 × 960 × 1,150 mm
Net weight 58.9 kg
Gross weight 63.1 kg
Packing size 870 × 640 × 440 mm

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