BTS 400/150-1 Bench Grinder

150mm grinder


Manufacturer: EINHELL

The belt sander device can be used in horizontal as well as in vertical position and therefore can be used for various kinds of sanding jobs and sizes of work pieces. The table for the disc sander can be tilted continuously from 0 – 45°. Using the likewise steplessly tiltable guide rail thus various kinds of angles can be sanded. For the disc sander sanding discs with Velcro fastening can be used, so changing of discs can be done fast and without problems. The unit is driven by a silent V-belt. A dust extraction adaptor is attached at the belt sander device as well as at the disc sander.

  • Supporting table (tiltable from 0 – 45°)
  • Guide rail (-60° to +60°)
Tech spec
Model BTS 400/150-1
Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Power 375 W S2 30 min
Idle speed 1400 rpm
Sanding disc Ø 150 mm
Sanding plate 915 × 100 mm
Weight 18 kg
Packaging dimension 500 × 305 × 260 mm