Falcon 250


Manufacturer: MEP

FALCON 251, small manual pivot sawing machine to cut metals from 0° to 45° left, using an HSS blade. Practical and safe to use, it can be supplied as a bench model or with the steel base, with three-phase or single-phase speed motor.
  • Electric system: wiring totally identifiable, motor switch, low tension safety device (LTSD 24 V) with IP55 control handle for the three-phase version and IP55 control handle for the single-phase version.
  • Double head return spring.
  • Bronze gear and casehardened/grounded worm screw which work immersed in oil.
  • Vice with anti-burr device with double clamping of the piece.
  • Electric submerged pump at 48 V to lubro-refrigerate blade.
  • Adjustable stop to make cuts of the same length.
  • The machine is supplied without saw blade.
  • Metal blade cover which totally encloses the blade.
Falcon 250 1
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