Willy 225


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Manufacturer: MEP

WILLY 225, small sawing machine, bench model, with HSS blade, to cut from 0° to 45°left. Model for hobbyists and fitters, entirely built in cast iron and available in 1-speed single-phase version.
  • Bronze gear and casehardened/grounded worm screw which work immersed in oil.
  • The head which swivels is locked by means of a screw so as to mitre cut.
  • Control handle IP55 with 20-A microswitch to start/stop blade.
  • Coolant system with membrane pump and coolant tank.
  • Adjustable stop to make cuts of the same length.
  • 225 x 32 x 1.9mm
  • 50rpm
  • Φ 65mm
  • █ 60mm
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