SEALS 60kg to 70kg Spring Balancer SB-70K

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SEAL spring balancer capacity 60kg to 70kg

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  • Labour saving:
    • The spiral type outputs the consistent suspension force
  • Productive:
    • The users can easily drag the tool to where they want andĀ  stop easier access position to achieve smoother and more efficient operation
  • Efficient:
    • The operator can handle the tool easily; thus avoiding wasting time and consuming labor in putting and picking tools when taking the object the same time
  • Cost- Efficient:
    • Rigid mechanism design makes the product more durable while bringing down the maintenance cost.
  • Anti-Falling
    • Device will lock the cableĀ  in case o spring breakage

Model SB-70K
Capacity 60-70kg
Weight 11.4 kg
Rope travel 1.5 m
Rope diameter 4.8 mm


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