TELWIN 12V Multifunctional Compact Jump Starter DRIVE 1500

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Ultra-compact 12V lithium, multifunction emergency starter for motorbikes, cars, campers, marine engines, vans, etc. Powerbank for smart and fast charging of electronic devices via USB (Quick Charge) and for powering 12V devices. Equipped with 2 high-intensity LED lights, it becomes a source of illumination when needed. It uses high-efficiency LiPo lithium batteries that allow full and fast charging and ensure compactness and low weight.

  • 12V lithium multifunctional, ultra-compact, portable emergency starter, 1500A start max.
  • With high performance batteries, fast, full charge thanks to the high efficiency LiPo lithium polymer cells
  • Quick charge of electronic devices via USB (Quick Charge) and to power 12V devices
  • Powerful lighting source.2 high intensity led lights and 4 operating modes
  • Light and compact size
Model DRIVE 1500
Charging voltage 5 V
Power Bank In 2.8 A
Battery capacity 12000 mah
Starting voltage 12V
Max. starting current 1500A
Ports voltage 5V
Ports Voltage 5/9/12 V
Out USB Quick Charge 3.0 18W
Starting voltage 12V
Power bank 12V 10A
Dimension 17.6 x 7.8 x 3.5 cm
Weight 0.68kg

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