TELWIN Welding Cleaning Kit CLEANTECH 200

SGD 1,188.00(excl. GST)

Innovative system for cleaning TIG and MIG welded parts on stainless steel.
Thanks to the instantaneous electro-chemical reaction, it restores shine to stainless steel by quickly eliminating the effects of colouration and oxidation formed during the welding process.
The efficiency of Cleantech 200 action is given by the combination of specific cleaning liquids and cleaning accessories.
Use of a brush (T-Brush) with the green Brush-it liquid is indicated for delicate cleaning of vast surfaces; use of the wedge-shaped (T-Clean) accessory with yellow Clean-it liquid is ideal for more decisive cleaning of more difficult to reach detail and points.
With a specific kit (T-Mark accessory and Mark-it liquid), Cleantech 200 becomes a marking tool on stainless steel.
By selecting the tool to use from the control panel, optimal cleaning parameters are automatically set.

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Delicate cleaning

Intensive cleaning



  • Smart Auto Power technology: enables rapid distribution of power on the surface to clean, for immediate and guaranteed results
  • compact and light, it is easily transported where necessary
  • 1 standard cleaning kit (2 accessories and 2 liquids) to meet all cleaning needs on stainless steel
  • prepared for marking on steel with a tailored kit (T-mark accessory and blue Mark-it liquid)
  • reduced energy consumption.
Model Cleantech 200(850020)
Voltage 230 V | Single phase | 50-60 Hz
Adjustment positions 2 nr
Dimension 43 x 17.5 x 34 mm
Weight 15.5 Kg


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