TELWIN12/24V Compact Auto Battery Charger T-CHARGE 20 EVO

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Multi-functional electronic battery charger, trickle charger and tester for WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li 12V/24V batteries with LCD display.

Charging and maintenance programs in Pulse Tronic dedicated to the technology of the selected battery. BOOST function for quick charge. Advanced function for charging and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures.

Activation of the RECOVERY function enables resetting of sulphated batteries. Tests the vehicle alternator and battery. Continuous and reliable power supply source during battery changes. Simplified use and immediate display of the parameters thanks to the LCD display.

  • Automatic charge and maintenance in Pulse Tronic based on the technology of the selected battery;
  • BOOST function for quick charge of the batteries;
  • COLD function to charge and maintain batteries at low temperatures;
  • RECOVERY function to recover sulphated batteries;
  • TEST function for battery, starting and alternator;
  • SUPPLY function for stable power supply during battery changing;
  • LCD display;
  • Protection against overcharge, short circuit and polarity reversal.
Single phase mains voltage 230 V
Charging absorbed power 115W
Charging voltage 12/ 24V
Effective charging current 8/4 A
Rated charge curr.EN60335-2-29 8/4 A
Max.rated reference capacity 180 Ah
Protection degree IP 65
Dimensions 27 x 12 x 6.7 cm
weight 1.35 kg

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