TELWIN230V 1PH, 10-200AMP MMA Inverter Welding Machine INFINITY TIG 225 DC

SGD 1,500.00(excl. GST)

  • TIG (high frequency HF or LIFT strike), TIG PULSE-EASY PULSE and MMA in direct current (DC) inverter welding machine, 200A. Supplied with accessories for TIG welding
  • Adjustment of multiple parameters of the TIG welding curve. 2/4 times operation.
  • Set up for remote control
  • MMA welding: rutile and basic electrodes up to 4 mm. VRD device for greater safety.
  • Contained consumption thanks to inverter technology.
Single phase mains voltage 230 V
Mains freqeuncy 50/60 Hz
Current range 10 – 200A
Max. current 200@25%A
DC Current 120A
Max. no load voltage 82V
Max.absorbed Current 30A
Absorbed current at 60% 20A
Max. absorbed power 4.7 Kw
Absorbed power at 60% 3.2 kw
Efficiency 89%
Power factor 0.7
D.usable electrodes in DC 1.6 – 4 mm
Protection degree IP 23
Dimensions 39 x 15.5 x 29 cm
Weight 6 kg

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