TIGER KING 50-325MM Electric Pipe Cutting Machine QG12C

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The Model QG12C Hydraulic Power Pipe Cutter offers 2” to 12” schedule 10/40
cutting range. Utilizing displacement type cutter wheel technology. The operator
controls the feeding rate by pumping the hydraulic pump throughout the operation.
The QG12C cuts pipe with clean cutting edge, no sparks, dust or open fl ame. The processed
pipes which by QG12C can be threaded or grooved with no extra processing.
An induction motor insures very quiet operation.

  •  Easily cuts by displacing instead of removing pipe material.
  • No abrasive dust, dangerous sparks, or open fl ame.
  • Quickly cuts steel pipe with minimal burr.
  •  Great for cutting pipe for groove joining.
  • Heavy-duty design is perfect for fi eld or shop use.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Hongli Reinforced Alloy cutting Wheel which is suitable to squeeze.
Model QG 12 C
Cutting Capacity 2″ to 12″ schedule 10/40
Motor 750 W
Spindle speed 24 rpm
Switch on/ off heavy duty switch

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