TIGER KING 61mm Hole Saw

SGD 38.00(excl. GST)

  • Excellent performance and long-lasting life
  • Bi-metal construction with teeth made from specially hardened M3 or M42 high-speed steel. The varying teeth height and gullet sizes result in much faster cutting and longer life. Suitable for various materials like mild steel, tool, and stainless steel, brass, aluminum, wood. Size ranges from 14 mm to 210 mm.
  • Depth of cut: 61 mm
  • Use high-quality thread cutting oil on all metal except cast iron.

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Model Sizes (mm) Applicable Arbor
38 MM 38 B1
46 MM 46 B1
51 MM 51 B1
61 MM 61 B1
70 MM 70 B1
81 MM 81 B1
89 MM 89 B1
114 MM 114 B1

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