TIME AC/DC TIG/MMA Inverter Welder WSE-315

SGD 2,886.00(excl. GST)

20-315A AC/DC TIG/MMA INVERTER WELDER 415V (50~60HZ) (WT: 63 KG)

Model WSE-315
Rated input current 25A
No-load voltage 67 V 6V
Current adjusting range 20 – 315A
Foot control function
Duty cycle 60%/ 315A/ 23V | 80% / 273A/ 20.9V | 100%/ 244A/ 19.8V
Working period 10 min
Power factor  ≥0.8cosφ
Efficiency  ≥0.85
TIG frequency (Hz) 0.5 – 200
Pulse ratio 10% – 90% (DC)
AC balance 25% – 75%
Insulation grade F
Case protection grade IP21S
Dimension 700 x 360 x 780 mm
Net weight 63 kg

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