TLP Hydraulic Puncher MHP-25

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“TLP” HYDRAULIC PUNCHER C/W 6.5 & 9 & 13 & 17 & 20.50 MM PUCNH & DIE

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Portable electric hydraulic puncher is used for punching steel, iron, copper, aluminum, formed steel, U-steel, I-steel and so on, Small size, light weight, easy to operate, save effort and punch fast, and mould can be customized

Model MHP-25
Voltage/td> 220V /110V
Wattage 1700w
Gross weight 32kg
Machine weight 24.5 kg
Punch Speed 5 s
Deep – Desigate 45 mm
Max Round 25 mm
Min Round 11 mm
Carton size 545 x 310 x 180 mm
Machine size 500 x 195 x 100 mm
Punch Thickness Steel plate: 10 mm | aluminum plate: 15 mm

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