TTMC 1000 mm Circular Shears MCS-1000, Max Thickness: 1.5 mm

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Metal Working Machine, Circular Shears

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  • Diameter selling by scale
  • Easy to operate by manual control
  • Manual tensioning of the workplace
  • 2 sets standard roller: cutting & flanging device
  • Manual infeed of the upper cutting roll by handwheel
  • Setting of knife play by threaded bush and scale
  • Flanging device for producing external and internal rims
Model MCS-1000
Min ∅ of circular blank 60 mm
Max. ∅ of circular blank 1000 mm
Max. thickness 1.5 mm
Throat depth 295 mm
Max. flanging height ≤ 8 mm
Packing size 134 x 84 x 154 cm
N.W/ G.W 110/ 160 Kg

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