Electrode diameter: 1.6 – 4 mm

Microprocessor controlled MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG DC-Lift inverter multiprocess welding machine.

Its flexibility of use and the different materials it can weld (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) or braze weld (galvanized sheet) allow for a wide range of applications, from maintenanceto installation and interventions in body shops.

The quick SYNERGIC regulation of the welding parameters, thanks to the ONE TOUCH LCD SYNERGY technology, makes this product easy to use.

The Made in Telwin ATC technology makes it easy to achieve excellent standards of welding on thin materials thanks to state-of-the-art control of the arc.

The operator can also intervene manually along the arc length: this adjustment means the weld seam can be modified according to the welder’s style.

The ONE TOUCH LCD graphic display allows for a better reading of all welding parameters.

Lightweight and very compact, it can be moved around easily in all intervention areas, both indoors and outdoors.

  • 17 synergy curves available
  • Visualization on LCD display of voltage, current and welding speed
  • Regulation of wire speed up slope, electronic reactance, burn-back time, post gas
  • Choice of 2 / 4 times, spot operation
  • Thermostatic, overvoltage, under-voltage, over-current, motor generator (+/- 15%) protections.
Three phase main voltage400 V
Main frequency50 / 60 Hz
Current range10 – 230 A
Max current200 A – 20%
Current at 60%105 A
Max no load voltage75 V
Max absorbed current9 A
Absorbed current at 60%5 A
Max absorbed power5.8 kW
Absorbed power at 60%3kW
Main fuse10 A
Power factor (cosphi)0.9
Usable electrodes in DC1.6 – 4 mm
Steel welding wire diameter0.6 – 1 mm
INOX welding wire diameter0.8 – 1 mm
Aluminium welding wire diameter0.8 – 1 mm
Flux cored welding wire diameter0.8 – 1.2 mm
Brazing wire diameter0.8 – 1 mm
Protection degree IP 23
Dimension62 × 26 × 49 cm
Weight23 kg