Manufacturer: UTEQ

Applicable industry:Mechanical processing, steel structure and electric power construction.
  • strong interference rejection capacity and enhanced cutting machine performance.
  • Comparing with the traditional cutting machine, it has the following advantages, such as, high arc striking success rate, high arc pressure, centralized energy, strong cutting capacity, rapid cutting speed, narrow kerf, smooth notch and small transformation. With the reliable and stable works, high-efficiency and energy-saving, small volume, light weight, it is easy to be carried.It can cut cooper, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and various metals and alloy metals.
ModelLG 40
Power230 V / 50 Hz
No-load voltage270 V
Rated working voltage96 V
Current range15 – 40 A
Rated welding current40 A
Rated duty cycle60%
Insulation classF
Protection classIP21
Dimension460×270×320 mm
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