Digital Spotter 9000

Microprocessor controlled, electronic spot-welding machine suitable for use in the car body repair. The digital, multifunction control panel allows the automatic regulation of spot welding parameters according to the chosen tool and sheet thickness. Characteristics:
  • automatic identification of the tool
  • monitoring of mains voltage
  • automatic control of the clamp cooling
  • choice of optimal spot-welding current according to mains power
Main voltage400 V, 2 Phase
Max spot-welding current7000A
Max no load voltage8.6 V
Max absorbed power40 kW
Rated power X=50%13 kW
Power factor0.7 cosphi
Max welding thickness on 2 sheets3 + 3 mm
Duty cycle3%
Dimension (L×W×H)760×540×1080mm
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