Inverspotter 12000

Manufacturer: TELWIN

Medium frequency, direct current (MFDC) inverter technology, microprocessor controlled resistance (spot) welding machine with water-cooled clamp; suitable for body shop applications and industrial use. It gives excellent results also on high strength steel (HSS) and galvanised metal sheets.

The digital, multifunction panel makes it simple to adjust spot-welding parameters automatically according to the chosen tool, the type of material and sheet thickness

  • 192 standard programmes and possibility of 240 customised ones
  • recognition of inserted tool
  • monitoring of mains voltage
  • automatic cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
  • regulation ofapproach, slope, welding and holding times
  • regulation in pulsed welding (pulse number and interval

Complete with water-cooled pneumatic clamp, water cooling unit, trolley and balancer.

Main voltage400 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Max spot-welding current11000 A
Max no load voltage14 V
Max absorbed power75 kW
Rated power X=50%25 kW
Power factor0.8 cosphi
Interval frequency2000 Hz
Max electrocdes power450 daN
Max welding thickness on 2 sheets3 + 3 mm
Duty cycle5%
Dimension (L×W×H)105 × 63× 105 cm
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