NSG 180 F

Electrodes: Ø 2 – 4 mm

Manufacturer: EINHELL

NSG 180 F features

Electric welding transformers are especially used for joining by welding of flat-iron, angle iron, tubes or similar material. One great advantage of electric welding is, that the materials might not be warmed up and welding can be started directly at the requested position. Work pieces with various strength can also be welded with each other without any problems. The electric welding transformer can be operated with 230 v/400v nominal voltage. You can regulate the nominal voltage with a rotary switch. The Electric welding transformer is for mobile application optimally qualified.

  • Female connector with overload switch (6 A) at the back side for external tools
  • Continuous adjustable welding current
  • Practical electrode storage
  • Main cable: 400 V / 230 V
  • Rotary switch for norminal voltage 230 V / 400 V
  • Thermo cut out with control lamp
  • Handle
  • Complete with welding accessories
  • Turbo cooling by integrated cool ventilator
ModelNSG 180 F
Main230 V / 400 V ~ 50 Hz
ElectrodeØ 2 – 4 mm
No load voltage48 V
Fuse16 A
Welding current140 A at 230 V / 160 A at 400 V
ElectrodesØ 2 – 3.2 mm at 230 V / Ø2 – 4 mm at 400 V
Packing dimension485 × 270 × 415 mm
Weight25.8 kg
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