Big 800


Manufacturer: MAGGI


Standard radial-arm saw, max. cut width 705 mm – Adaptability, versatility, cutting precision, easy maintenance make this product line a necessary machinery for the daily use of each carpentry.

Big 800 1
Maggi radial-arm saws guarantee maximum work safety.
Big 800 2
Articulated arm and head-unit for diagonal cuts, inclined cuts and trimming.
Big 800 3
High precision in cutting thanks to the solid and stable head-unit.
ModelBig 800
Motor power4HP/ 3kW / 3 Phase 3HP / 2.2kW / 1 Phase
Motor speed2800rpm
Blade diameterΦ350mm
Blade bore diameterΦ30mm
Shaft dimensionΦ25 × 80mm
Dust chute diameter on blade guardΦ60mm
Rear dust chute diameterΦ100mm
Table dimension1145 × 1860mm
Maximum cut width20 × 710mm
Maximum cut h max Φ350100 x 640mm
Length of cut h max Φ350100mm
Max height of blade from table Φ35070mm
Max cutting height at 45° Φ350 max60mm
Max cutting height arm 45° on right side20 ×  500 > 100 × 450mm
Max cutting height arm 45° on left side20 × 310 > 100 × 260mm
Net weight198kg
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