TKHS 315 C – 2,8 DNB


Manufacturer: METABO

  • Restart protection: prevents unintentional start-up after power supply interruption
  • Universal table saw with basic equipment
  • Ideal for sawing squared timber, boards, panels and wood-like materials in the workshop and at construction sites
  • Quiet induction motor with motor brake and overload protection – maintenance-free and robust.
  • Universal guide with magnetic guide for precise straight cuts and mitre cuts
  • Freely height-adjustable saw blade
  • Comfortable setting of the saw blade inclination from the front
  • Sturdy, powder-coated sheet steel design and galvanised table-top
  • Foldable table length extension
  • Frame and motor pre-mounted
  • High torque three-phase motor
ModelTKHS 315 C – 2,8 DNB
TKHS 315 C – 2,0 WNB
Dimension165 × 65 × 100cm
Max support surface80 × 55cm
Working height850mm
Cutting height0 – 85mm
Maximum cutting height85mm (90°) / 60mm (45°)
Maximum cutting idth
atparallel guide / rip fence
Maximum material width
at mitre fence
No-load speed2990rpm2980rpm
Cutting speed50m/s
Saw blade315 × 30mm
Saw blade swivel range0 – 45°
Rated input power2800W2000W
Output power2300W1450W
  • Carbide saw blade with alternately bevel-ground tips (24 teeth)
  • Table extension (550 x 800 mm)
  • Chip and Dust Extraction Unit
  • Push stick
  • Wheel set incl. handles
  • Universal guide
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