Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Feb 01, 2023


Whether you work as a carpenter, decorator, handyman, or woodworker, the scroll saw and band saw will be essential tools in your toolbox. Picking just one option can be very difficult if you have to choose between the two saw tools. While these tools’ working principles are quite similar, their intended uses and other elements distinguish them from one another. Making the best decision for you requires an understanding of these variations.

What Is A Scroll Saw?
A scroll saw machine resembles a sewing machine in appearance. A scroll saw’s blade oscillates up and down. To achieve the desired cut, you can move the piece you’re working with in and out of the scroll saw blade. Depending on the type of work you want to do, there are different scroll saw blade types available. The blades are small and generally less powerful than other options.

Making intricate and delicate cuts are a scroll saw’s primary use. When using a saw like this, the edge you obtain will be extremely smooth. Additionally, scroll saws have a foot pedal that enables you to control the machine with just your foot while still using both hands to direct your work.

Round, angled, or straight cuts can all be made with a scroll saw. The most thrilling cut a scroll saw can make might entail removing the blade and placing it in the middle of your workpiece. When you remove the blade, you can reinsert it through the piece of wood’s centre to continue carving the interior of your design with circles or other shapes. The majority of saws do not have this feature.

What Is A Band Saw?
There are several ways that a band saw differs from a scroll saw. In comparison to the scroll saw, this saw is much bigger and cuts in a different way. Instead of just moving up and down like a scroll saw, a band saw’s blade will rotate on a band. Band saws are multi-use, adaptable saws that can be used for a range of tasks.

Compared to a scroll saw blade, the band saw blades are stronger and more dependable. Despite cutting more quickly, the cut is a little bit thicker as a result. Due to their simplicity in producing curved table and chair legs, band saws are popular among furniture makers.

Which Saw Suits Your Needs Best?
  • What are you cutting?
  • There is no doubt that you will require a scroll saw, and not a band saw, if you are making a jigsaw puzzle for your children. The band saw will not be as effective for very intricate and fine work. The scroll saw is going to be a much better option for you if you enjoy making intricate crafts. A band saw is quite adaptable because you can still make circular, straight, or angled cuts with it. The issue is that the actual cut will be somewhat rougher. If you are building a dining room chair and the cut is rougher, you can sand it down, finish it, and have a gorgeous chair.

  • Who will do the cutting?
  • How long have you used saws in your work? Are you purchasing this saw to show your kids how to use tools? The scroll saw is the best option if you want a very safe saw that is great for teaching kids to use tools. The band saw is louder, bigger, and more powerful even though it is not the most hazardous saw on the market.
To sum up, it can be challenging to decide between a scroll saw and a band saw because in an ideal world, you would need to have both. You can probably get away with buying either of these tools if you work on a variety of projects. However, if you want to work quickly and effectively with thicker, heavier materials, you should use a band saw. The scroll saw will work best for authentic detail-oriented crafters who want to take their time creating elaborate pieces.

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