Telwin Doctor Charge – Lots More Than Just Battery Chargers!

Aug 18, 2022


Telwin presents a new concept in professional battery charging, the BATTERY MANAGER, a multi-purpose device with different utilities that no workshop, body shop or car dealer should be without when working on vehicles. Doctor Charge is the innovative battery maintainer for WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB and Li batteries at 6/12/24V type batteries; it is the result of new and advanced technological solutions implemented by Telwin in the Automotive sector.

The innovative Power Stream inverter technology guarantees better performance, up to 50% more than traditional battery chargers, thanks to more effective and complete control of the charging process, to notably faster charging times and maintenance of the optimal battery conditions, which guarantee a longer working life.

PulseTronic technology, on which battery charging and maintenance are based, can be used to diagnose the battery state at any time, and effectively restore the best operating efficiency, thanks to the presence of specific utilities that are divided into 8 different phases.

Telwin Doctor Charge has many different functions:
  • CHARGE/MAINTAIN:chargesmaintains the batteries automatically, even if very low in power, and/ or in severe weather conditions (low temperatures);
  • TESTER:tests the battery for such things as voltage at terminals, starting capacity (CCA) and operational check of the vehicle alternator;
  • BATTERY CARE:recovery of batteries that are sulphated or with a very low charge, and recovery of optimal operation with periodic regeneration;
  • POWER SUPPLY: stable power supply source for battery changes (to protect the set-up of the on-board electronics), for diagnostic activities (operation checks carried out on the vehicles), for keeping the batteries of display vehicles in showrooms operational;
  • START AID:helps start the vehicle.

  • The smart and continuous monitoring of both the usage conditions and the battery itself guarantees total protection of the electronics on-board the vehicle. A practical LCD panel keeps all the parameters under control, promptly and easily. Based on SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology, if blackouts occur or in cases of repetitive use, Doctor Charge can automatically set itself at the last settings used. Design, ergonomics, and reduced weight combine with easy use and performance in a concentrate of technology that is also characterised by very low power consumption.

  • automatic selection of current, during charge and maintenance, according to the battery capacity
  • customized charge by setting battery type , current or capacity (Ah)
  • pulse maintenance of optimal charge by PULSE TRONIC technology
  • continuous control of charging phases
  • quick battery charge and automatic switching into maintenance phase once charging is completed
  • optimized charge by very low temperatures (low temperatures can affect the chemical structure of the battery components)
  • silent charge at reduced power to avoid sound disturbance caused by the fan

  • pulse process for the recovery of sulphated batteries that allows the removal of sulphate from the lead plates thus recovering the initial capacity of the battery
  • specific function for periodical maintenance in order to restore the optimal status of an AGM or WET battery by mixing elements

  • check of the correct functioning of the vehicle alternator circuit
  • measure of the battery charging status

  • noise-free stabilized power supply of the on-board electronics, to be used during diagnostic operations in order to protect the battery
  • advanced diagnostic function which allows to precisely change the output voltage
  • power supply to keep safe the batteries of vehicle in showrooms (SUPPLY function)
  • key-pad settings lock to prevent accidental changes (ie. showrooms, etc.)
  • power supply to maintain the on-board electronics when changing the battery and prevent loss of various set-up

  • start aid for 12V vehicles with low batteries(Mod.50)

  • in case of black-outs it adjuts itself to the last performed settings
  • full safety and protection against polarity reversal, short-circuits, overvoltages, overcurrent, faulty battery, accidental contacts, etc.
  • consumption charge of very low batteries up to min. 2V
  • minimal power consumption with automatic switching off after a no-use period

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