TELWIN T-CHARGE 12 EVO, 3-in-1 Battery Charger, Maintainer & Tester

Aug 20, 2022


Much more than just a battery charger, T- Charge 12 EVO is the complete and advanced check-up to give new life to any kind of battery.

T-Charge 12 EVO is a 3-in-one battery charger, maintainer and tester

T-Charge 12 EVO is suitable for:

T-Charge 12 EVO can be used on various type of battery:

The activities can be monitored easily on the LCD display, which makes this device more easy to use.

Special Function
The countless advanced features (RECOVERY, SUPPLY, COLD functions) make it the ideal tool to take care of all types of 6 / 12V batteries.

Smart technology for superior results
Automatic charging and maintenance in Pulse Tronic, for all kinds of batteries.

The right power always
Customized charging programs according to the battery technology, lithium batteries included.

Best performance even below zero
Battery charging and maintenance, perfect for low temperatures.

New life to old batteries
Pulse process to recover sulfated batteries.

Everything always under control
  • Check of the correct functioning of the vehicle alternator circuit.
  • Check of the battery starting capacity (CCA).
  • Measure of the battery charging status.

  • Full operation in any condition
    Continuous and reliable power supply during battery changes.

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